Many of you may remember Rose James, a shell of a girl, who frequented the hallways of Dr. Shock’s old “Institute of Fear”.    Recently, a local news team tracked her down to research loose ends on missing persons during the Dr. Shock scandal, but they never could have hoped for what they discovered.

Rose was found huddled just outside of the old Colorado Springs Justice Center ruins.  She was muttering what seemed to be nonsensical babble under her breath.  The lead news anchor approached Rose, who has been known to scurry away, and asked her why she was there.  Rose simply pointed at the ruins and whimpered, “Shock.”

Their curiosity peaked, they left Rose behind and entered the abandoned ruins.  Everything in the damp, mildew-soaked interior seemed normal, but it could not have been further from it.  A camera-man discovered burnt documents in the old solitary confinement ward that didn’t seem to belong in an old prison. The only words on the otherwise illegible papers said, “truth serum” and “past point of seizure” and “brainwash”.  The jackpot for the news team, though, came in the form of a file folder discovered in the warden’s office.  Hidden in a portion of the decaying wall, the folder read “Contract:  Richard Ivan Patterson.”  When opened, several pages immediately disintegrated upon contact with air and light.  But the most important of them remained.

The news crew packed their belongings, after filming several shots to air during their nightly investigative news slot that week.  They attempted to find Rose to get even a few small clips for an interview, but she was unable to be found.

Upon editing their film, they heard voices on the tapes that were not their own.  They captured shadows on film of figures who were not physically there.  Cell doors were heard shutting and cries for help permeated throughout the tape.   They are reaching out to the public to assist them in researching the phenomena discovered on their tapes.

To this day, the fate of the doctor and any patients that may have survived is a matter of rumors and nightmares. As you tour this terrifying labyrinth keep an eye out for Mr. James’ daughter Rose as she wanders lost and lonely, her mind still shattered and broken. And before you enter make sure to ask yourself this question: Can you remain on this side of “MIND SEIZURE?” WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITS?

LOCATION Flea Market - 5225 E Platte Ave., Colorado Springs CO 80915
DATES Sept 24 - Oct 31 (Closed Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday until the last week in October.)
TIMES Sun & Thurs (7:00pm to 10:00pm) Fri & Sat (7:00pm to 11:00pm)
ADMISSION MIND SEIZURE -$15.00 General Admission- $20.00 Fast Pass
MIND SEIZURE AND GHOULS GULCH - $20.00 General Admission - $30.00VIP
PHONE (719)302-5605
WEBSITE mindseizure.com