The 13th Door Haunted House THE LEGEND

The original Barrington Hotel was condemned and closed in 1912. Local legend attributes the hotels demise to the owner's sleazy nephew, Andrew. Gambling debt had made Andrew desperate for money and his Uncles refusal to help him had driven him mad. It was reported that during his Uncles annual Hallows Eve Ball, Andrew had returned to the hotel, boarded up all the exits, trapping all the party goers inside.

It wasn't the screams coming from those who couldn't escape that would haunt the would-be rescuers that night. It was the horror they found once they had broken the doors down. Everyone was dead, including a newly-wed couple. The bride haunts the hotel searching for her husbands dead body and vowing that she will find Andrew herself and kill him. Stay out of her way unless you want her to find you first.

Andrew Barrington was never found and legend has it that he and those he killed still haunt the hotel to this day. The only survivor of that evening lived because he found the 13th Door.

Will you be as lucky?

The 13th Door is currently in pre-production for the 2017 Halloween Season. Slay you later!

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